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  1. All the right tools to make your promotion a success

  2. Giving brands and companies a push

    We were early adopters on the internet. In our attic room we used the old-fashioned telephone modems. At that time, we could have never figured where we are now. It has become an interesting discovery trip. Back then, there was little distinction between different types of communication (corporate, brand and promotion). We developed a wide range of applications. Over the years, we became increasingly focused and started specializing in campaign websites. This fits us like a glove. We are good at giving brands and businesses a push through appealing promotions. We first and foremost get control of the data management. After all, grip on the data is the basis from which we set up successful campaigns. It is often not realized, but a lot comes together while managing promotions on the internet. Consider the legal and operational aspects, the budgets that have to be regulated, alignment with brand managers and consumer departments, and much more. This is exactly what we love doing. This is how we arrange good, efficient and surprising campaigns for our customers.

    Intelligent strategy

    Actie Platform offers companies and brands the right tools for managing promotions in detail. If possible and if it’s beneficial, standard solutions will be used. Ultimately, it is always about custom solutions that fit your company like a glove. The result of our approach is that your promotions will be brought to the attention of a broad audience in a thoughtful manner. Behind the scenes we ensure that all the preconditions and legislation are met.

    The added value of Actieplatform
    • Promotions are situated in your own dedicated environment, ensuring data privacy and data security;
    • Clear view of rate cards: All activities are specified, ensuring that you see what the action costs at any moment;
    • Clear reporting: Real-time access in all phases of the promotion;
    • You have access to a proven platform. Everything is possible, but there are also standard solutions for small brands with a small budget;
    • Having your own platform means that in terms of marketing, you are independent and exclusive. As a result, your own brands will never compete with each other;
    • We work with fixed procedures to prevent unpleasant surprises.

    Please contact us

    Adding value is what we are good at. Do you want to know more about our services and how we ensure data privacy and data security? Please contact us: or call +31 226 74 80 11
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